Does your business need strategic support? 

    Do you need professional independent help with the following:        ~ business plan development,
~ change management processes,
~ cultural transformation programmes, 
~ disposal strategies & negotiation support, 
~ financial planning & marketing planning,
~ organisational restructuring,
~ strategic planning & direction, 
~ succession plan development ?

NM Strategic Consultants provide the above services to Irish and UK businesses from all sectors in their start up, growth, maturity or decline phases. 

We support our clients in researching, developing, writing, assessing and embedding agreed plans within their businesses.  

We support business owners who wish to sell their business or develop a timed succession plan for their exit from it.  

We deliver organisational restructuring, cultural transformation and change management expertise to allow for the optimum level of plan adoption by all team members. 

In summary, we work with business owners and their management team to support a pathway of sustainable growth and profitability.  

If you would like to learn more about our cost effective professional services please complete the enquiry form on the "Contact Us" page and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your needs.

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